Global Personal Care Cosmetics Group

UX Design

Project Overview

I worked at various levels in this project, as I spent over a year providing consultancy for a major cosmetics and personal care company. This company is present in almost all of Latin America and the Southeast Asian market. The goal of the project was to perpetuate the same experience users had with the physical products in the digital realm.

My Contributions

UX Consultant, Interface Designer, Experience Strategist, Researcher, Stakeholder Manager, Team Coordinator.


UX/UI Design, UX Research, UX Strategy, and Service Design.


Company Consultant
Cliente: Confident
Duration: 15-month project
Year: 2021-2022
Local: Brazil
Upon joining the project, I immediately recognized the urgent need for UX consulting. The company, grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, struggled to deliver the same level of excellence in user experience for their digital solutions as they had with their physical products. I found myself in a sales force squad that was short-staffed, with the previous interface designer’s departure leaving a myriad of unfinished tasks for the development team. Numerous interface designs awaited approval, disregarding components previously designed and implemented according to a design system and brand style guide.

My first challenge was to reconnect people, roles, and tools while uncovering the desires, needs, and expected outcomes envisioned by the Product Owner (PO), who was still adjusting to the situation. Besides stakeholder relationships, language posed a significant barrier, as most of the team spoke Portuguese while the PO spoke Spanish. Stakeholder management extended beyond this level, involving managers from other departments who directly and indirectly influenced the squad’s progress.

While conducting research with the app’s initial users, I balanced my time between designing new interface components, validating them with users, acting as an experience strategist alongside my UX Chapter Lead, and addressing communication issues between squads and the designed products.

After six months, I transitioned to another squad focused on the app’s core essence, encompassing the overall management of the solution rather than a few features. Working closely with the UX Lead, PO, Project Manager, and Product Manager, I experienced significant learning and coordinated more qualitative research to justify deeper changes.

In this squad, I participated in crucial decision-making regarding the company’s future and discovered new products they envisioned. As a strategist, I presented projects aimed at enhancing tests, documentation, and research, further expanding my professional growth.