Kindergarten and Daycare

UX Design

Project Overview

The idea of the project was to design a Minimum Operable Product (MOP) for an enrollment management system for a kindergarten franchise operating in Hispanic Latin America and Brazil.

My Contributions

Language Expert, UX Designer, Translator, Research Scope and Objectives Contributor, Strategist, Team Coordinator


UX/UI Design, UX Research, and UX Strategy


Company Consultant
Client: Confidential
Duration: 3-month project
Year: 2022
Local: Brazil – Chile
During the first few weeks, my goal was to familiarize myself with the language while observing the product’s existing design. I participated in various alignment meetings and script design sessions for potential interviews in the coming weeks. As the only designer fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, I bridged the gap between the two squads, ensuring the script and product aligned with the Portuguese language used in Brazil. We were designing an enrollment management interface for the Brazilian market, which had many local nuances

In addition to translation, I helped the team develop a more user-friendly language rather than relying solely on translation. I also contributed to defining the research scope and objectives, essential for working with the school directors adopting a new management system. My time on this project was brief but highly beneficial for my career, as I had the opportunity to work in an atypical setting with different working hours and languages.

As a strategist, I considered how the tested product could be scalable, investing hours in daily meetings to align on issues requiring my support. This unique experience allowed me to grow professionally and contribute significantly to the project’s success.