Hardware Diagnostics

UX Design

Project Overview

The initial idea of the project was to improve and preserve the user experience in a digital product used in a factory of a major computer manufacturer in Brazil, China, and the United States. It was a large project that had already been developed by a sizable team of developers working with a specific language for the project. The design of the new interface had to be based on the new technology (framework) conceived and developed by the development team and embedded in the brand’s computers

My Contributions

Researcher, Interface Designer, and Collaborator with Design and Product Teams. I also have experience as an Ethnographer, User Interviewer, and Documentation and Insight Gatherer. Additionally, I have worked as a Tester and Redesigner and participated in a Sentiment Analysis Micro Project. I am skilled in Dashboard Design and have a passion for exploring Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Product Innovation.


UX/UI Design and UX Research.


Company Consultant
Client: Confidential
Duration: 24-month project
Year: 2018-2020
Local: Brazil – China – USA

Initially, my role centered around understanding and studying the existing system development. I then balanced my time between guiding the new interface design through research and maintaining and updating the old interface. A parallel company project, already in the implementation phase, needed to integrate with the tool I was designing eventually. My job also included studying this tool and considering style guides that could relate to it without affecting the brand and product’s visual identity.

I proposed a visit to the factory in São Paulo, Brazil, to conduct a more in-depth ethnography, understanding how the factory context was crucial for designing the interface with user-centered design in mind. I also carried out interviews with users, documented everything in my notebook, and shared it with the local design and product team. I brought the gathered insights back to the lab for testing and redesigning the new interface.

With the assistance of another designer, I developed a new style and the new interface. Additionally, I participated in a micro project focused on understanding sentiment analysis of messages received by a company chatbot, designing a specific dashboard for the company. These incredible experiences allowed me to work in various areas, from technology and artificial intelligence to product innovation, broadening my skill set and expertise.

As a diagnostic tool, my application tests a variety of devices in computers, offering users feedback on their machines’ health. This tool comprises modules for diagnosing groups of devices and utilities for crafting custom executions (diagnostic scripts), viewing detailed information about each device (system information), and reviewing the results of performed tests (log history).

My role involved understanding the genuine difficulties of factory users using the application in Brazil and all our repair centers. I aimed to propose a solution that alleviates these difficulties, evaluating competing applications, and extracting best practices.

My process included setting goals and objectives, conducting stakeholder interviews, performing heuristic evaluations, benchmarking design, and conducting competitive research. This involved a trip to our Brazil repair center where I conducted interviews and UX research. I established key audiences, built personas, created scenarios, user journeys, and stories, developed site maps, wireframes, and mockups, and established a design system. Finally, I created low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes.

My objective was to propose a new interface and better user experience through requirements gathering, user surveys, benchmarking analysis, understanding user pains, and fostering user empathy.